Open Box Project

For this project, I was to create an open, four-sided box with two different connection types. After being given the instructions for the box, I marked up my 4 wooden pieces to prepare for cutting them at the bandsaw.

I cut my pieces, taking account for the width of the blade. My box finally was assembled. I think I must have cut the horizontal portions of the cutouts too long as the interlocking pieces stuck out a little further than intended. I liked the way this looked, however!

Finally, I decided to wrap the string in a similar fashion to how I had completed my previous project. I had weaved wire around the thicker wire portions in a particular style which made an interesting pattern, so I continued this technique with strong around my box. I made the pattern denser on one area of the box and more sparse at another area, creating a series of interesting shapes in the space the box occupies.

Finally, the class put our open boxes all together to create interesting shapes! Here are some highlights:

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