Bridge #3: Infographic

For my studio infographic, I decided to illustrate the ways in which coding can be integrated into the arts from the perspective of an artist. Knowing my audience at Parsons, I decided to create a persuasive infographic that presents the benefits of learning code in an approachable and positive manner.

My initial idea, however, was more of a timeline, which I ended up scrapping after my very rough first draft was not forming as I had hoped.

I then planned out more thoroughly my persuasive approach, deciding to focus on how my peers would take in the infographic.

I worked on Illustrator, toying with the iconography of a Venn diagram as a representation of the intersection of coding and the arts. I then made my research into 4 concise, easy-to-interpret pieces of persuasive text. I created an icon visual to be paired with each section of text. I worked very hard on the colour palette, the use of shadowing, typography, and the creation of each graphic. I am very pleased with the end result and am happy with the design decisions I made.

PDF Version: CreativeCoding-25qmv3v

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