Einstein’s Dreams – Notes

1) Theory of time
2) Clerks arriving in two hours knowing exactly where to begin – time as a circle
3) Objects appearing minute by minute
4) “Dreams about time” “he sometimes cannot tell whether he is awake or asleep”
5) Introduces the idea of time as a circle as well as dreams

14 April 1905
1) Idea of time as circle
2) Repetition of moments in life
3) “Time is a circle, bending back on itself. The world repeats itself, precisely, endlessly”
4) “Nothing is temporary, that all will happen again..”
5) Time/life compared to an ant walking around in a circle not knowing he will return to where he began
6) Idea of being born again
7) Religious references as there is the idea of rebirth

16 April 1905
1) Time as a flow of water
2) Idea of time travel and how time travelers are more aware of their actions as they are afraid any move will alter the future —> Butterfly effect
3) If the time traveler gets dust on Klausen the EU will never occur
4) We live life without thinking deeply about the future and how everything we do has an effect on the future

19 April 1905
1) Parallel universes
2) Three chains of events, “each future is real”
3) Infinity of worlds in time

24 April 1905
1) Idea about 2 separate times
2) Mechanical time is just an idea it does not actually exist
3) People who don’t believe in mechanical time enjoy life more
4) People who think their bodies don’t exist live a more mechanical strict life
5) “Each time is true, but the truths are not the same”

26 April 1905
1) Time flows at different speeds in different locations
2) Youth as a status symbol
3) “People at ground level never sit. They run, while carrying their briefcases or groceries” – time moves faster when you are busy
4) People consumed with aging ended up getting old faster

28 April 1905
1) Time is everywhere
2) “In this world, a second is a second is a second”
3) Time as an evidence of God
4) Time is constant

3 May 1905
1) “Future and past are entwined”
2) Moments in time changing the fate of someone forever
3) Action vs reaction
4) “World of impulse”

4 May 1905
1) Repetition of events
2) “Time does not pass, but little happens”

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