Object Essay

An object that is meaningful to me is a Cartier bracelet my father gave to before I went to boarding school. This bracelet is meaningful to me because of its sentimental value. Before going to boarding school I was very nervous about this new chapter of my life and was afraid to leave home. My father gave this to me as a reminder of his love and so a part of him will always be with me no matter how far away I am. I have always had an emotional connection to my jewelry as all of it has been given to me by friends and family, but this bracelet is the most special one. It is my favorite piece of jewelry not only because of the aesthetic of it, but also because of the story behind it and how it makes me think of home when I look at it. My father gave it to me after he was in Switzerland for an extended time. He came home late at night and woke me up saying he had a surprise. When he gave it to me he told me he thought of me as soon as he saw it and wanted me to have something to remind me of him when I am in school. He also told me that this bracelet was special because it was the last one in Switzerland as this was a limited collection created to raise money for cancer.
The bracelet is a thin silk cord with a gold ring on it that says “Love” on each side. I think this bracelet is well designed because the cord can be changed whenever the wearer is tired of the color or the cord is worn down. Because the cord can be changed to a variety of colors and sizes the wearer will not get tired of it as it becomes an new bracelet each time.
The bracelets purpose is to remind the wearer that love is the most powerful force and this is highlighted by the diamond inside one of the Os. The diamond is a metaphor for strength as a diamond is the strongest naturally occurring material. When I think about the bracelet’s message I remind myself about the power of love.
The Cartier Love collection is iconic and the other pieces carry a similar meaning. The collection was inspired by a chastity belt and it symbolizes that love should be everlasting as these pieces are timeless and manufactured to be durable. The designer of the collection said that “Love has become too commercial, yet life without love is nothing”.

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