Head Covering: l’oignon (with addition)


Ce chapeau est de ridiculiser la superficialité des artistes non 
talentueux, ou de faux artistes, qui font un objet qui ne signifie 
pas. Faire un objet sans signification et imposer le moyen après 
n'est pas un art et aucun design. La raison pour laquelle il est en 
français est parce qu'il représente le mieux la superficialité et 
la vanité. Le design est un art et les designers sont des artistes, 
qui ont l'obligation de s'exprimer.


The initial inspiration is from cactus in Wave Hill spikes are in
Fibonacci sequence which represent spikes of the cactus. Scraps from
3-D printer, which is polygon, is used to represent the sequential-ity
of nature which often used in man-made product.

Another inspiration is the superficiality of art students. Some of students
make projects which convey no depth nor has any functionality. They justify
the lameness of their works and coat them with what I would say a bull shit.
I thus created what they would create. I also used my painting which I would
price around $800 to $1.000 based on my previous selling records; a devalua-
tion of the material. Also, though it functions, it has no practicality. It 
already covers eyes when wore, and top part come down (in elastic/hook
mechanism) and covers my eyes again. In a way this is constructed perfectly
and most sincerely as its function is not to cover my eyes but to deride


The Process is started with wire model of head rendered in polygons. From the
wire model I made a net with foam board then casted with plaster. After having
understanding of the shape I then drew 9-step drawing which was to get the
I added two more sequence in Fibonacci part and also replace all visible wire
with sewing.

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