Bambooooh: Portable Sofa

It does not matter where you are and who you are with. Instead of seating on cold rocks, muddy grass, or worst, streets of New York; you will find a use for this sofa. The design is simple and sturdy. Most connections are friction fitted and/or wrapped tightly with 20 Ga copper wire or hemp rope. Most importantly it is made of mostly reused material, with only few energy used for its construction.

As can be seen in the picture, the sofa can be worn fairly easily thanks to its slim and light construction.

When utilized it can accommodate two average sized people and countless bottles of wine next to it.

As mentioned above construction of it is very sustainable. Its filler/stuffing is reused from used mattress,

bamboo from Healthy Material lab scrap shelf,

and fabric from donated bin.

Copper wires and ropes are from previous project. By using friction fitting and wire wrapping, we were able to eliminate any use of adhesive in construction.


Also its design compliments to integration of two different cultures, which also could be found in the nationalities of the group. Bamboo is often use in furniture in Asian culture especially of Korea, Japan and China. In opposition fabric used is in aesthetic of European design.







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