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Problems, Solutions


  1. Memory sucks. You either run out or forget you did until you do. How do you stop from forgetting things? How do you stop from remembering things?

2. Miami is flooding. The water comes from 6 sides, most terrifyingly, from beneath the porous limestone on which the city is built. An almost certain five foot rise in sea levels would turn this booming city into a series of lakes, and eventually into Atlantis. New York’s lower Manhattan doesn’t stand much of a chance either. Brainstorming officials have considered injecting a fluid beneath the entire city, impregnating the porous ground beneath to prevent upwelling. This hypothetical solution is not only costly and drastic but questionable: you’d have to uproot the whole city, all of its structures and denizens, as well as prepare the other 5 sides of the city with seawalls.


  1. Fish ladders allow fish to go upstream with dams, however these are temporary solutions as dams stifle fish migration and other aquatic life, turning rushing rivers into a series of interconnected lakes.
    2. Drains: capture things you don’t want to go down and allows free flowing stuff to go through. Can be customized depending on size of drain holes.


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