Creating a Text Grid layout with InDesign (columns)


1. Here’s my introductory handout in creating a 12 column grid:
indesign 11×17 12 column grid

2. Here’s an online tutorial tat shows you how to create a layout grid:
InDesign #101 – A Beginners Guide to Modular Grids

Why Use a Grid?
Modular grids play a fundamental role in the foundation of graphic design and page layout. Whether you’re designing for print or web, using grids allow you to organize content, establish consistency and create hierarchy within your layout. Grid systems can seem daunting and complex but they’re actually simple in concept and allow you to create variations of your designs quickly while keeping symmetry on a page.

3. Here’s a comprehensive tutorial

Note that you won’t be able to watch this unless you are logged in to
If you haven’t gotten access yet (It’s free through the New School) Here are some instructions.

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