Still Spotting version 2 – Hymn to a Great City

Here’s my own video of the project  To a Great City which is described in this more lengthy post.

For the second edition of stillspotting nyc, composer Arvo Pärt and the New York- and Oslo-based architectural firm Snøhetta collaborated on To a Great City, a series of stillspots around Lower Manhattan. For this project, the architects subtly altered indoor and outdoor spaces with the placement of large-scale weather balloons, which embodied the concept of a central musical tone and extended the perception of sound into the realm of space.

This particular site in the project was a 360˚ panoramic view from an empty floor of 47th floor of 7 World Trade Center. While the entire city suddenly took on a  a spectacular newly-framed meaning, this particular view has special significance since the event marked the anniversary of 9/11.


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