Richard Garet – Meta-residue: input, material, space

Richard Garet interweaves various media including moving image, sound, multimedia performance, and photography. In work ranging from modified environments to site specific installations to audiovisual screening works, Garet constructs intimate spaces and immersive situations that draw attention to the processes of perception and cognition, and which activate sensorial, physical, psychological phenomena that reflect on the nature and experience of time.

Garet’s pieces, whether conceptual in origin or stemming from his investigation of complex systems and algorithmic translations, are informed by the background noise established by mass media culture and the collective arena that surrounds him. Garet’s reductive process seeks to invert the normative function of this background noise, drawing it up from subliminal status to an active presence. He finds further inspiration from material interactions that incorporate problems of context, technology, defunctionalization, commodity, and environment.

Before Me, 2012
Sound Installation
Head amplifier, dual speaker cabinet, turntable, clear glass marble, mic-stand, shotgun microphone, and light bulb
54 x 46 x 24 inches
Continuous running

, 2014

paper cutter, speaker cone,audio amplifier,usb stick, audio file
22″ X 16″ X 18″


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