WEEK 3 & 4 | Partial Animatic & Schedule


Throughout these two weeks, I’ve been working on the story of the animation on its own, and fleshing it out to make it as thorough and clear as possible. Above is the animatic, which still remains partially done. In the last class, I received a lot of great critique to aide the finalization of the animatic with some animation hopefully for next week.


My thesis idea has finally come into fruition. It focuses on Brigitte, a little girl who has just moved into a new home with her parents. In the process of moving, she finds a box of her grandmother’s belongings, and a very old computer in the moving truck. Brigitte has never met her grandmother, since she passed away long before she could remember. While her parents move everything into the house, Brigitte is given the chance to explore through the computer in her vacant room. She begins to follow her grandmother’s chess dictionary, and begins to teach herself chess. She can almost feel her grandmother’s presence in the game itself. After a while, Brigitte’s parents bring up the fact that they will be replacing this old computer for a newer model. Brigitte is against the idea, and protests that its her grandmother’s computer. Brigitte’s mother, Jodi, gets emotional and says that the computer is a piece of junk, and would rather get rid of it. As the parents begin to pack up the computer, the computer itself turns on and prompts a game of chess. Brigitte and her parents watch the game play on its own, and based on its maneuvers and how personalized the computer is, Jodi comes to terms with her own mother’s death, and realizes the importance of this computer as a family heirloom. The animation ends with Jodi and her daughter Brigitte, side by side on their computers. Jodi is working on their brand new home computer, while Brigitte continuously plays with her grandmother’s computer.


So far, I’ve completed 3/4ths of my thesis schedule. I would like to advance more, since I have been having trouble keeping organized with my project. Below is my schedule for September and October.

September 2-8 – Complete storyboards and start an animatic
September 9-15 – Continue working on animatic, finalize plot and work on character designs
September 16-22 – Finalize animatic and begin working on some animation.
September 23-30 – Continue working on animation and start to flesh out backgrounds for scenes.

September is dedicated to fleshing out the content of the work and having an understandable animatic that is ready for finalization.

October 1-6 – Continue to do animation roughs throughout the entire film. (Update character turnaround sheets and make a sample sheet of where it takes place, important objects in the film, etc).
October 7-13 – Continue to work on animation roughs and start making finalizations to important scenes.
October 14-20 – Work on backgrounds diligently while finalizing animations.
October 21-27 – Finalize animation and start to include some backgrounds.
October 28-30 – Have at least 3/4ths of the lines done, if able to finish the majority.

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