Visual Culture Studio Thesis Research – Final Project Proposal and Prototype

In the studio this semester I looked into the idea of coping with trauma, the human condition and the topic of existing with humor. More specifically, dark humor. To explore this topic I have experimented with I played around with, garments, gold leaf, charcoal, marker, color pencil.

My final project proposal is still being worked over. I am deciding between an animation or an experimental illustration that has a dialogue with the idea of the afterlife. The person who has passed in the piece will reflect on their past life whilst standing at the door of the next stage with death by their side. On the other side of the door, deities and divine figures will be in a petty argument over whose ideology is correct. All of them will be either trying to kill one another or convert each other.

Artists that inspire me: Shawn Cheng, Egon Schiele, Adam Mysock

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