Intro to Fashion Studies – In Class Response (3/27/18)

As defined in class and in the reading, glamour in its simplest form means envy.  Glamour is something that people strive to achieve or obtain and that is often introduced by celebrities whose lifestyles are usually unattainable.  In my own life and personal experience, being able to cut a line, whether it is at a club, in a restaurant, or even at the airport, is the action during which I feel the most glamorous.  My lifestyle as it exists today is nothing close to that of a celebrity, and neither I nor my parents or relatives have special connections in the everyday world. Thus, I do not often get special treatment when I go places or get to be treated like I am above the others in whatever venue I am in.  However, once in a while, I meet someone or randomly get the opportunity somewhere that allows me to have this special treatment, and for that moment I feel like that exclusive elite person who gets to skip lines all the time. While performing this action, I feel a rush of adrenalin, a sense of pride and eliteness, and afterwards I feel a longing for that lifestyle.  After I am able to cut a line, I do feel that sense of envy for people who get to do that all the time, which relates back to the original definition of glamour, which is envy.

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