Intro to Fashion Studies LP Post #5

Fashion is any visual choice someone makes regarding their body.  This includes all possibilities of choices in relation to the body.  The most basic example would be someone choosing what clothing to wear, perhaps based on color or association or fit.  One of the more extreme or abstract examples of fashion within this definition would be someone choosing what chair should go in their apartment based on their personal style, or even deciding to start working out.  After completing the dress practice log and hearing others explain their dress practice logs in week four, I came to the realization that no clothing is chosen without some degree of thought and reasoning. Thus, I believe fashion includes some element of choice.

In the beginning of the semester, I did not consider decisions in my definition of fashion.  My definition was extremely broad, as it still is, but it was much less informed and far more abstract.  Through all of our discussions in this course, I was able to refine my definition of fashion by backing it with academic and opinion texts, and combine those with my own opinions and thoughts to create my definition of fashion as being choices someone makes about their body.

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