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The Void

The Void


A hallow hole portrayed via line contours using mainly 4 colors, I decided to create an artistic depiction of suicide. Suicidal rates within the MEDCs have drastically increased along with the rapid economic development of these countries, and South Korea (my motherland), unfortunately has the highest suicidal rate within the countries listed with high living standards. Regardless of gender, social status and or age, many people feel victimized and threatened to commit suicidal acts or have such thoughts due to various social pressures.


Using the golden ratio of 1: 1.618·, I created a void that seems to be draining the surrounding environment which is shown through the chromatic contour lines that concaves in to the hole. The hole in this piece of work represent the temptation to give up one’s life due to social and environmental pressure. Thus, in order to make the hole appear somewhat positive and alluring, I used chromes of high intensity hues in red, blue, green and yellow. The hallow of the hole depicted in black and shades of saturated greys show the reality of committing suicidal acts; which are dark and leave regrettable consequences. The occasional monuments and objects that are positioned around the hole convey social pressure that is forcing people to be allured into the hole.


Through this piece of work, I aim to create a piece of work that not only depict the issue of suicide, but the cause of it. I also purposely used vibrant colors to show suicide in the perspective of those affected by it, and how to them, suicide may seem like the best option. Thus, allowing people to understand and ultimately help those suffering from such a state, instead of neglecting them.


Expressive Watercolor

Watercolor was a medium I was very used to using as I have used it multiple times before. However, my previous ways of using this medium contrasted with the proper way of using watercolor, as before, I used this medium like acrylic and painted it using the brush. The new way our professor taught us was to wash large amounts of pigment into a pool of water, and let the water guide the colors and use the brush to its minimal. It was hard to break out of using watercolor like I did previously, but eventually I was able to use the medium to its fullest potential.

Complex Figure Gradation

At first, I had difficulty understanding what complex gradation was. I didn’t understand exactly why one image would be complex and the other a regular gradation. However, upon viewing and researching complex gradation images, I was able to understand the term and apply it to my work. The second difficulty I faced was creating images of figures that conveyed emotion. I first did a charcoal drawing of a figure image I got from the web which obviously did not meet the criteria or the expectation of the work I was supposed to create. Then, I decided to incorporate ballet moves I saw during our visit to the Ballet performance, as not only were they interesting in form, but they were very emotionally expressive. I also merged drawings of branches and parts of trees in black to create a more interesting and expressive complex figure images.

Emotions & Expressions

Emotions & Expressions was the first project I was faced with when I first joined this class during the third week. I was overwhelmed by the high qualities of work produced by my peers and was pressured to be good too. I remember the professor questioning my decision in joining the class the third week into the semester and warning me that the class would be tough especially with the extra workload I had to catch up with. The class as I warned was tough. However, it is undoubtedly true that I got so much more out of this class than any other classes, and improved more than I possibly could in such a short period of time.

Some of the images created for the emotions did had to be revised to better portray the indicated emotion (marked in green and red in the second image attached).