Polyhedral Form | A wood and plastic structure


For my Space/Materiality class, I had to make 3D structure using two materials. For this project, I decided to use 1/8″ wood and a plastic folder to make the sides and sew them together using plastic tabs.


Dutch Wooden Clogs, Salvatore Ferragamo Loafers, or a Shikara. These three different objects have a similar structure and different uses. I was inspired by their similar shape so I wanted to create an object that shared their resemblance.

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After I was satisfied with my prototype, I started working on to create the object from wood and plastic folder, which involved chopping wood pieces and punching hole in them. I painted the inside of the wooden box with a red to yellow (acrylic paints) gradient as the final surprise.

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Final Design

After I had punched holes and painted the inside, I painted the outside of the box black using acrylic paint. After the paint dried, I used plastic tabs and sewed the wooden pieces together using thread and needle. In the end, I attached all the plastic sides and painted the outside again. The upper side of the structure uses red thread to add some contrast and some change.

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This was first time ever building a 3D structure, using wood, sewing, and tools for wood and given that, I am impressed with myself. I enjoyed the process of building something from scratch, failing, redoing, and improving my design through touch and feel. I changed the idea of project several times and arrived at this one, which made me realise that the initial idea cannot be the final one.

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