Intro Studio 1 Body Extension Project Materials

Below is a picture of all the materials I bought from Home Depot and Michael’s to construct my multiple arms body extension contraption. My father and I even had to get a carpenter at Home Depot to make me a wooden phone platform that I could easily slide my phone in (for the arm that will hold my phone). My father will be picking up the platform tonight before 10 pm from the Home Depot store we went to when the carpenter returns with the finished product. The things that I have to do to get an A+ in my classes are truly astounding. Never again shall I express the desire to use anything made out of wood or fabric. Speaking of canvas duck fabric, one of the materials that I needed, I could not find any at Home Depot nor at Michael’s, surprisingly. Joanne’s was too far away and the A.C Moore that was nearby closed down along with the Barnes and Noble in Edgewater, New Jersey. To compensate I bought a sheet of hard illustration board just to have something to wrap around my waist. I am genuinely worried that my project will turn out like garbage. And it’s not like I was procrastinating or anything– I was sick with allergies on Friday and felt exhausted despite my best efforts to stay awake and work on things immediately, meticulously worked on drawings for my Drawing and Imaging class and my Math and Art project on Saturday, continued with the Math and Art project on Sunday and got the materials I needed that afternoon and night.

Anyways, before this turns into a sob story/pity story hybrid, here’s the picture already:


Illustration Board (will be used as a fabric substitute to wrap around my stomach or waist)

Magnetic Hangers (will be used to hold the clothes hanger I will use for the arm holding clothes)

Scotch Extremely Strong Black Tape: Will be used to seal the arms of my contraption to the illustration board, and to seal the things they are holding to the arms and more).

Spring Grips (for holding the dollar bill in my “financial” arm and possibly a book for my “academia” arm).

Super Magnet Clips (will do the same thing as the grips in case they don’t function properly).

Piece of oak wood (from Home Depot– two pieces were cut off to form the platform for my phone).

Umbrella (will be taken apart for its ribs and spokes in order to form the arms).

Not shown: Phone, Dollar Bill, Book, and Clothes Hanger (will be added last minute)


Body Extension Materials

Body Extension Materials



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