Historical Portrait Initial Sketches and Final Product

H.G. Wells Portrait (Photoshop)

H.G Wells by Bassano Ltd., whole-plate glass negative, 12 April 1911

My H.G Wells Portrait










My most recently assigned project for my Drawing and Imaging class involves drawing a portrait of a famous (or not famous) person from a photograph found on the Internet, and also collaging or adding to that portrait pictures or representations of what this famous (or not so famous) person has done (forming a comprehensive, autobiographical “history” of the person in question). I chose to draw a portrait of H.G Wells– one of my all-time favorite science fiction authors and social commentators, as well as one of the most famous English writers (in several genres) within the last century. Many people know him for his classic novels “War of the Worlds”, “The Island of Dr. Moreau” and “The Time Machine”, but he is also famous for his short stories, such as “The Red Room” and “The Star”, and his essays that revolve around social commentary and the future of the world. Most astounding of all is the little known fact that he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature FOUR times but never received it. Given his contributions to several genres of literature, and his monumental impact on modern science fiction and the changing political landscape in our times (and what this means for us in the future), Wells more than deserved the Prize, though his posthumous fame more than suffices for the lack of a physical award. Above are the original picture of H.G Wells I drew from, my portrait of H.G Wells (which counts as my “sketch” since I finished it in one sitting during class), and my portrait run through Photoshop with his contributions added in (the “final” product as opposed to my initial sketches).





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