Elements of Design– 3 Concepts Expressed by Abstract Forms (Drawing and Imaging Language)

This week in my Drawing and Imaging: Language course, the class moved on from Figure Drawing and Portraiture into Elements of Design and transitioned more from teaching hand drawing skills into the more digital aspects of drawing and design. As part of our lessons on the Elements of Design (what constitutes design in its most basic form– dots, lines, shapes, shades, and color), we were challenged to draw 3 abstract concepts using only points in class, then 3 more concepts using only lines, then 3 more concepts using only shapes. Now, for homework, all of us were assigned to bring by next class abstract representations of 3 abstract concepts of our choosing using the one or more of the Elements of Design from before. We were suggested to do the assignment on Illustrator, but if doing it there proved too difficult, our professor allowed us to do it by hand. Below are my 3 abstract concepts and their representations from Illustrator, which I will have to bring to my next class printed out on paper, but will upload here for reference and for archival purposes.

The 3 abstract concepts I chose were: Power, Creativity, and Invasion or Invasiveness:

Power, Creativity, Invasion Abstract Concepts

Power, Creativity, Invasion Abstract Concepts

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