Space and Materiality: 3-D Object from 2-D Parabola Drawing (1st Project)

Having just started my Space and Materiality class for my 2nd semester as a First-Year student, using new materials to create products– materials such as wood, wire, and metal– has been something I have had to slowly adapt and adjust to in my path towards becoming an artist and designer. For the class’s first major project, we were tasked to create 2-D drawings or designs based on Parabolic curves– to create our own Parabolic Curve study by connecting straight lines on coordinate planes to one another in such a way as to give the illusion of a curve. After this, we were tasked to choose materials to use to construct a 3-D version of our 2-D drawing. For my design, I chose to create a Parabolic curve study resembling a Galaga-style starfighter, or some sort of starship. The 2-D design is below.

2-D Parabolic Curve Study (Starfighter shape)

As for the 3-D version of my design, I will most likely be using copper wire or string to simulate the Parabolic curves of my 2-D design by straightening either of them out and binding them to the main cross-like frame that forms the center of my 2-D design (from which all the illusory lines extend out from). Due to unforeseen circumstances, however, creating the 3-D model in a smaller scale may be necessary.

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