Day 5 Journal Entry– The Last Man

Not too long ago, the world had ended with a whimper across space and time. Nearly all remnants of human civilization were destroyed in the Cataclysm, minus the strongest of humanity’s cities, and the now charred vehicles they used to drive in, as well as the temples that once belonged to their distant ancestors. I am the only human alive that I know of, and have made it my mission to accumulate as much knowledge as possible before I die, and record it, so that future generations of surviving humans (if there are any) will know of the world my people lived in, and so that those that find what I leave behind will not make the same mistakes as their ancestors.  Having traveled far and wide, I have learned much about science, the arts and languages, philosophy, and human culture and behavior, and have written what I have dissected in old blank notebooks “robbed” from local stores. I always considered myself a rationalist and a man who never believed in anything superstitious. But, seeing as I, by some miracle, survived the apocalypse, I could not help but feel as the decades passed that maybe I was chosen to pave the way to the future, as if I were some sort of writer of some gospel meant to teach future peoples of their world and how to live. The pressure to amass so much knowledge and record only the deepest truths of humanity was immense– and eventually, I realized I could never know everything, or truth in its purest form. After living alone for years, I began to hear voices in my head. Was I going insane? Of course not– it was perfectly rational for me to see the statues I had carved to keep me company as living gods. The evidence was there. saw them move, and glow radiantly. I heard them tell me that the cities of old had been constructed by Man to worship them in their glory, and that I was to write every word they said as fact, for they were great. All that I had learned was meaningless, and I had to accept my ignorance, and bow down to them– for they knew all. They were the truth and the light, and I was their prophet. I started over, burned all my records, and began writing the doctrine of the gods. For the sake of humanity.

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