William Wegman + Chip Kidd 3 Collages Assignment

For my Intro Studio 2: Visual Culture, I was tasked over the weekend to find works by both the famous artist and photographer William Wegman (known for his photographs involving his dogs) and one of two well known artists and designers I was assigned to research for my Intro Seminar 2 class: Paula Scher, and Chip Kidd. Chip Kidd, as you may or may not know, is famous for several iconic and often ingenious book covers– the most recognizable one out of all of his covers being the one he did for Michael Crichton’s novel Jurassic Park with the black silhouette of a T-rex skeleton. Due to my fondness for Kidd’s minimalist style and his ability to force readers into guessing and thinking how his cover and the titles and texts of the books he designs covers for relate, thus pressuring them to fill gaps of meaning between abstract concepts (postmodernist style), I chose to research him and do my collage assignment in conjunction with Wegman’s work on canines. Some of my collages came out extremely well and fit well together– one of them in particular…not so much. Below are pictures of my 3 collages mixing and matching works by both artists, with their captions explaining what elements I took from each artists’ separate works before toying with them.

William Wegman’s “George Washington Bridge”, 2006 + Chip Kidd’s “Faith, interrupted” Book Cover

William Wegman’s “Two Spoons, Two or Three Forks” + Chip Kidd’s “Possible Side Effects” Book Cover

William Wegman’s “Dogs in Coats”, “Dog Walker”, “Eyewear” (Postcard), and “Canon Aside”, 2000 + Chip Kidd’s “Villain” Book Cover Gun and “Watching the Watchmen” Comic Book Title Font


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