Class Animation Project 3 Update (Core Studio 4D)

Vimeo link:

Since my previous post discussing my Class Animation Project with my spaceships, I managed to use them in a Photoshop and After Effects video combined with laser pew-pew sounds, my own voice acting (roboticized), and the sound of a “spaceship engine” from a deeper vocal changed sound of power lines (in Garageband). I used the paint tool to paint streaks of green coming from the spaceships to give off the appearance of lasers. As part of the requirements for the assignment, I also used a stop motion animation of a makeshift Earth like planet of a classmate in my animation course (credit to Jo Roman). I used position keyframes to move the ships as they zoomed in slowly or from one end of the screen to the other, and saved them without backgrounds. In addition, the space background is from Shutterstock, but it has been modified with a lens flare to give off the impression of a sun or star on the top left of the screen at the beginning of my animation. Above is my the link to the Vimeo video. Enjoy!

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