Materials for Currency Project + Package Design Exercise

Making progress in the creation of my heart-coins for my currency project, I assembled all the necessary materials to begin the process of actually making the 3d currency. Having already decided on using wood as the material for my coins, I went to the Making Center Woodshop, and found a plank of scrap wood to use that was neither too thin nor too thick. Then, I drew/traced heart shapes on a piece of paper and cut them out using scissors. I then overlaid the pieces of paper over my plank of wood and traced the same shapes onto the wood using pencil, creating almost perfect hearts.

Currency Project Materials


Currency Project Materials Spread Out


Heart Traces on Wood

In my Core Seminar 3D class on Tuesday the 11th, the class learned about the importance of flag design, and the potential for creativity or communicating a sort of clever idea or narrative through the art of package design. We were tasked to choose an item from the table in the front of the room (I chose a Wonder brand sandwich container), and come up with another way of presenting the idea or narrative or function (“form fits function”) of the object we chose, but in a more meaningful way that would allow the consumer/user to know exactly what they were looking at and were about to purchase. Basically marketing but in a more artistic sense. In my sketches, I conceptualized a sandwich-shaped lunchbox whose zipper would be wavy like a slice of ham from the side of the sandwich. The lunchbox would specifically be colored in a such a way that it’d look like a sandwich (most of it would be brownish like bread) and feel like one from far away. Inside the lunchbox would be green pre-packaged aluminum foil emulating lettuce that would allow you to wrap up your sandwich without having to purchase aluminum foil. I created a rudimentary model of my design using paper and tape.

Sandwich Package Design Sketches

Package Design– Sandwich-Like Lunchbox

Wonder Sandwich Package

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