Week 7: Senior Thesis Comic Storyboard

Storyboard Pages 3-5

Storyboard Pages 6-8

Storyboard Pages 9-12

Storyboard Pages 13-15

Storyboard Last Page

Over the last week I was able to finally lay out the storyboard for my Senior Thesis comic, and scan the sketches through Photoshop, with the dialogue/text for each frame next to each sketch of each page (as you can see, I made a ton of edits). I will likely make a few minor tweaks here and there in the process of drawing out each of the frames (e.g. the frame on top of page 9, and page 9 in general. The introduction of Foxphorus seems a little abrupt). The next several weeks will be dedicated to drawing out all of the frames and panels of my comic.

Considering the Thesis project is due to be presented in early December, and my comic is 16 pages long, I will have to dedicate time each week for four weeks (come November) to drawing four pages worth of panels. Assuming that, I should have the comic done just in time for Thanksgiving. I am unsure as to whether I will have time to color the comic, since I will already have put so much effort into drawing each page of the project. However, I can always leave that part of my Thesis for winter break, and start Senior Thesis 2 with a more complete final project, or color specific items in each of the panels so they stand out from the background.

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