Project 1: The Journey is the Destination

Visual Map of My 24 HRS of My Day


Brainstorming for Project 1: The Journey is the Destination 


Visual Process of Creating Project 1: The Journey is the Destination through Photoshop

I first took pictures of objects that were and are part of my daily basis. The objects that were included in this piece: my student ID card, card wallet, coffee cup, laptop, and my juul device. I took these images then photoshopped them so they would look like individual objects without the distracting backgrounds.

Visual Process for Creating the Final Piece


Concept Statement

For this project, it represents the idea that everyone falls through time equally but our perspectives of time is different. What makes our time different is the objects and schedules that surround us. I wanted to represent the time that passes every moment and how it slips between us. The concept of this piece explores the idea of time being endless versus being limitless. I believe time is limitless because it has no boundaries and limit whereas the idea of endless means seeming or having no limit.  I believe that incorporating objects that are part of my daily life includes a more intimate and personal touch to this project. I also used text in this piece where I layered the notes I took in the 24 hours. I wanted the words to show a falling effect limitlessly, and then I highlighted words that were important to me in a variety of different colors. For the background, I visualized a dark turquoise color. And I took a picture of a blue cracked wall. And in Photoshop, I used the smudge tool to create the wall you see when you fall. The falling wall represents how time is never clear. I also warped the figure to represent me and used the smudge tool to show as if I was falling though time. I changed the figure to black and white because I wanted to represent that we are equal in time. Through this project, even with a limited amount of time, I thought that it was a great practice where I could experience the time constraint of projects being due in a short amount of time. The hardest part of this assignment was to try to do less than more because the original idea I had would be impossible to do in the time I was given.


Final Project

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