Project 3: It’s About Time


For Project 3: It’s About Time, I had to explore the concept of time from an inspiration from the book “Einstein’s Dreams” by Alan Lightman. The concept that I chose to explore was “time as a circle”. From this, we had to create a 5×7 inch accordion book that incorporated with the concept we chose. Originally, I wanted to create a theory book of my own ideas that evolved around the concept of time. However, from constant brainstorming, the idea that stuck to me the most was “the obsession of love”. When love becomes an obsession, you are in a never ending circle that is hard to resist and come out of. Constantly obsessing over the idea of love, creates an addiction. What I’ve realized that when love is an obsession, you become addicted. The constant release of endorphins and dopamine with obsessive thoughts leads to addiction.

Through this project, I had the opportunity to learn how to use Indesign and Photoshop in more depth.

Here is my brainstorming process of this project…



I wanted to create a storyline that was easy to follow and incorporate photos that support it. For each individual page in my accordion book, I wrote a line and text that went along with it.





Below are the texts and photos that I wrote for each page….

Page 1-2

The obsession of love starts the moment you look at someone and instantly there is a pull. You fall into an unbreakable trance. Love is like an addiction (Nicotine, Cocaine, Alcohol, Marijuana, MDMA, Heroin, etc.)


Page 3

You have a taste of who that person is, you want more and curious.


Page 4

A song that you listen to remind you of them


Page 5

You want to see them all the time and is the only person you can think of. Nobody and nothing can disrupt the attention you have for them,


Page 6

The idea of them intrigues you. When you find out that they don’t feel the same way as you, there is a switch and your life is painful Over time the side effects start to come in and you feel hopeless, lonely, and keep chasing a dream that will never come true.



Page 7

In order to forget them, you start going back to bad habits. For a period of time, you fall into a toxic black hole that feels like there is no end.



Page 8

Feeling lonely, empty inside, and doubting everything and everyone if your life.


Page 9

You are obsessed with the idea of someone and believe that you are in love with them, yet you are actually addicted to the concept of them. Love is a delusion that makes you go crazy like all drugs.

Page 10

Drug Sheet


Page 11

Love is a drug.


Then with these images and texts, I printed on bristol paper using the plotter in the design lab.


For the cover and back of the accordion book, I used a piece of board and red construction paper. I wanted to create a title that used a play-on-words. And as a bit of humor, I created the nicotine warning label to a love warning label.

To put the accordion book together, I used artists tape to connect the pages of my book.

This was a project that I wanted to push myself with the time concept and my first time creating a book, and I had a great time making it.

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