Sculptural Response

My intention with this sculpture was showing how we’re able to achieve different forms and impressions using the exact same materials in different ways, just like the first chapter of the book we read, how the same shape can convey different messages due its material, weight and strength. I used the brass fasteners in two different ways, one of them was arranged so it could show a hard form, but still, with a curvilinear orientation, contrasted to that, I used it in more of a plane orientation, with less visual noise and less information, for that, I attached them to a chipboard piece, as a part of the base for the sculpture, in a way so only their rounded tips are visible, creating a much more smooth surface. Another material used on this sculpture was cotton thread, I wanted to do the same shape of what I did for the curved three-dimensional form I did with the brass, so I hardened the material with layers of glue, this shows how we can get a really similar shape using such a lightweight, soft and fluid material (different from the brass). The cotton thread was also used to wrap around a wire structure, to contrast with the looseness of the other thread shape, this time the material is used to convey amore rigid, stable, squared shape, that even though has a hard form it can still look lightweight and even lighter than the other thread shape because of its see through impression. Summing up, what I did was setting the soft against the hard for the sake of contrast.

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