Deconstructing a project

One of my favorite projects last semester was one of my Space/Materiality class that we had to make a new object out of another object that wasn’t useful to us anymore. Although I didn’t love the final piece, the process took a lot of reflection on recent events of my personal life. I already had in mind that it would be interesting experimenting making jewelry, but I wasn’t sure until I chose the object I would be working with. When I found an old jewelry box in my room, I realized that would have to be it. There was something really interesting and appealing to me in transforming the jewelry box, which can be considered like the jewelry’s “home” into a jewelry piece itself. After some reflection I realized that this says a lot about what I went through last semester, the process of realizing that the idea of “home” is no longer attributed to a physical place for me, and since I’ve moved, home for me, is my own body, myself.

Besides using the own box for the jewelry, I also used copper, mainly for aesthetic purposes. The piece itself has a lot of information because of its variety of shapes, forms and materials all joint together. Since the process was so metaphorically thought, I wanted the final piece to be representational too. Its aesthetic is an allusion to the mingle of different and various feelings and sensations that coexist together on my mind, my body, home.

Here are some pictures of the project.

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