Answering My Question with Making

My Question: Should a good contemporary art piece speak for itself?

    • Medium: Printmaking
    • Number: 30
    • Quality/Descriptor: Messy

At first I found it really hard to try to answer my question through an artwork. Then I started considering the use of words and an idea came to mind. This idea comes from recurrent thoughts I have on the importance of presenting concept in contemporary art. In response to my question, I decided to play and maybe try to deconstruct this idea that some people have that “a good artwork should speak for itself” and that “an artist shouldn’t have to explain too much”. I did that by including the phrase “trust me, this is a masterpiece”, by that creating a work that literally speaks for itself, and it’s defined as a masterpiece by itself. I decided to work with a type of printmaking that’s called monotype print, and I included my number that was “30” and tried to create a lot of visual noise to make it look “messy”.

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