Reflections on Single and Multiple Images

Reflections on Single and Multiple Images

Being a transitional space the main subject of this project, I chose my hallway, which is the space between my room to the living room. A lot of images of the same space were created and recreated with different purposes and intentions. Both, the “single image” and the “multiple images” projects made me reflect a lot about the power of photos as freeze-frames of an exact moment.

For the first project, I had the intention to somehow include the transitional space and both the room and the living room in the photo, with the help of a mirror I was able to do that, and in consequence it reflected a shape of light to the ground, that I was able to rearrange and play with, and it ended up being a strong element for my picture. I used some drawings to help me set up the space, I considered my position, the position of the mirror, the doors that should be opened, all of that to capture the final single image. After all the experiments, I edited the contrast and the exposure of my chosen image, so I could bring attention to the main elements of the photo, that are the shapes of light created by the reflection of the mirror and the light that’s coming from my room.

Based on the image chosen for the “Single Image” project, I used the same space, setup and position to create my first draft for the second project, “Multiple Images”. I decided to use a light that gradually changes color as an indicator of time passing, I edited the photos using different parts of images of the same space, each part in different colors forming one single frame. The top color is a green that transitions to the bottom one that’s blue, and by that it forms a gradient of color. At the end what I did for my first draft ended up defeating the idea of it being multiple images, as all the images formed one frame of the same space. For the final piece I wanted to use and abstract photo that I took for the previous project as a background, the photo has a motion blur effect so it could give a sense of movement and time passing. After choosing my background I added four different images places and sized in a way the they could interact with each other and the background, forming a moment-to-moment type of transition. The indicators of action and time here are not only the colored lights but my roommate that walks down the hallway.

In conclusion, I think I succeeded in both of the projects, and they inspired me a lot to work more with photography and see it in a different way. It was interesting getting to see how we are able to convey different notions of movement, time and place when we arrange, present, add elements to these images in distinct ways.


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