Prototype Experiments #1


What is the best printmaking method to include letters/words?

Presenting concept in contemporary art: what’s the difference between the art in museums and the art in galleries?

Does the artist have a voice? Before worrying about wether of not to present a concept, is the artist always able to do that?


I found the zine interesting because of the way it encourages prototyping as a key tool for design thinkers. I also liked reading the short interviews. I found it inspiring specially when it states that “it’s just a matter shedding fear of judgment through inspiration, process and craft.” The design concept of the “prototype” is comforting for me and for my process of making art because I know that there’s a zone free of judgement where I can try and it’s okay to fail, before making final choices to a final piece that will be judged. I liked to see this concept being presented in unusual places or situations, such as doing food “drafts” for a future restaurant. I believe that prototyping should be more part of the process of thinking and creating a concept. Instead of having a stablished idea and directly making a final piece, prototyping and testing gives the artist an opportunity to have a conversation with the work on his hands and come to conclusions about choices/changes that should be considered, these being on the aesthetic of the piece or its concept.

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