Sonic Portrait of a Space


The space I designed for the project is my dream metalwork studio. For the drawing I used a scale of 1:2 (1 inch = 2 feet) to create a 700sq feet space with a 15 feet ceiling. The space is divided in two, the bottom is a big open studio space with a big desk, a laundry tub (bottom left) and lots of storage spaces. The top part of the room is more of a lounging area with some decorative objects, and it has a big window.

I recorded sounds of a door opening, of a cup of water being filled and drank, I also record my footsteps to represent me walking through the studio, and then I recorded a bunch of noises I made from metal utensils and tools in order to imitate the sound of working with metal and electrical welding.

I wanted to represent a perfect evening of work to me but I thought that if I had the sounds of metal right as I open the door it would sound too immediate so I added the sound of me drinking water and taking a few steps before, to represent me getting ready to work.

It did fulfill my expectations, it was an interesting experience getting a first trial on audio recording and editing, I didn’t have any experiences in the area before so it felt good to see the project coming together.

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