Final Project Proposal

I think of doing my project in Stuytown, the buildings and the lighting dynamics they’re exposed to, are really appealing to me, I’ve been observing it a lot and it actually fascinates me the shapes of shadow that are projected in the buildings in different times of the day. I want the project to be about lighting and shadow, and their relationship to time and space. My idea was using still images of the buildings in Stuytown representing these shapes of shadows, printed on acetate, so that whoever would go there could hold the image in front of their faces in a way that It interacts with the background, by that they can note similarities and distinctions, by comparing the shadow in the present to the shadow in the printed picture. For the website, I would make a diagram/map telling where which picture was taken, as well as the time of the day. All that so people can compare it to what they see in the moment of the visit, hopefully, that will make the public reflect on how light and shadow are influenced by time.

By next week I can take the pictures and have them printed. After that, I could start working on my map/diagram.

Examples of photos taken in the same spot in Stuytown at different times of the day:


Draft/Sketch of Diagram/Map:

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