In-class assignment

1)  Read the following article: Damaging Your Phone, Accidentally on Purpose

  • How you ever felt this way about an object you’ve owned?

I’ve never felt this way about an object, but this kind of mentality have passed through my mind before.

  • How does your final project challenge having this kind of mentality towards objects? 

I think the personal connection I’ll have with the object and the capicity of it to adapt to different places and siturations, would keep me from wanting to get rid of it.


1) PROJECT NAME: Natural Dye Tapestry

2) What are you making and why?

A piece of tapestry dyed with natural dye. I wanna make this because Tapestries were a big part of my life before I moved to NY, my mom has a few and I would find numerous functions for them, from blanket to picnic cloths, from beach towel to a dress; but I don’t have any here, and I miss using them. I’m also moving to a new place so I think it would be a great decorative accessory.

3) In what ways will this object/design be useful to you over 50 years of change?

Since the object is multi-functional, I can use it in distinct ways and always find new functions for it. Since I’m making it, I think I could also build a strong connection with the object, making it something that I would wanna keep. Not only that but I see myself moving and traveling a lot in the future, so this is something that can be easily carried.

4) How will it be resilient (used in more than one way etc. and/or encourage social resiliency through its usage)?

I think of it being an “organic”/natural piece, I wanna use natural fabric and dye to make an appealing and organic design aesthetic. So when people know about that, they could get inspired to do the same and to use natural materials too.

5) What specific event(s) of environmental change will it help you adapt to or address?

would be reused and done with recycled materials, and that’s because I want to avoid producing more trash and I don’t want to use artificial materials that are hard to recycle or have strong chemistries that aren’t good for the environment. The event of environmental change I think these designs could help me address would be global warming.

6) What materials will you use, given what you have learned this semester about changing resources and material availability?

I wanna use natural fabric and natural dye.

7) How does your object offer function and aesthetics over time? How does it fulfill the Long-Life Design criteria to the best of your ability

This design fulfills most of the Long-Life Design criteria, being them: Repair, Cost, Manufacturing, Function, Safety, Planned production, User, Environment, Design. I think of it as something that, besides the multi-functional aspect, could be re-dyed in different color palettes to adapt to different spaces.


3) Is there anything else you would like feedback on? What questions, if any, do you have at this point about final projects and presentations on May 2nd?

I don’t have any questions now.

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