Illustrate Your Week

In this image, my week is displayed using ink and collage. Rather than having it linear and chronological, I decided to make spread it throughout the area. During the week we are supposed to illustrate, it was also a week where classes have resumed. So I chose to draw the Parsons building with crowds of people shown down in the paper. With everything new starting it was stressful and quite a lot of work so I found that the man holding the rifle and the farmer seemed to represent that. But outside of classes, I also had different things that needed to be done. I’ve been cleaning my room the week before and the mess seemed to have dragged on to the next. So I also spent the week clearing out my mess and buying new storage items at Ikea. With the hype of Marie Kondo and her philosophy of discarding items that do not spark joy, I was inspired to finally clean out my room so I chose to put her on the collage. On the right is a drawing of clownish figure prodding at my teeth because I had a dentist appointment that week and I thought I was going in to get my cavity filled but turned out it was just a teeth cleaning appointment so I was quite anxious waiting for that. Most importantly, I’ve also had good food through that week. I went to dim sum with my family and ate on my alone time.

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