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The assignment that was given was that we were given 60 images from a classmate and we had to create a narrative out of it by playing with design and layout and creating it into a book. I was given 60 pictures from Nikura and most of her pictures had to do with landscapes or animals, since these pictures are mostly of our world, I decided to make the narrative into another world.


I imported select pictures into Photoshop to work with them and create this atmosphere of being in another world. I changed the hue and saturation of many pictures and photoshopped animals from pictures to another pictures. Such as the butterflies and the flowers below, I cropped the butterflies out of the original photo and then positioned them on top of the flowers. I adjusted the hue or saturation for the pictures and cropped them to create a layout.


This layout was used for a cutout in the book. I created that by putting the cutout on the previous page and then carefully positioning the original pictures on the next to ensure it lines up when it is printed. After print, I used an xacto knife to cut out the white of the paper to leave space to that opens up to the next page.

I ran a first print on the inkjet printer and the quality was not consistent through each page. I tried to crop them but the paper became jagged. So I went the following day again to print, this time I made sure every mistake that I found in the first copy was corrected. I reuploaded files on InDesign to fix the quality and I used the Design Lab’s book cutter to get a perfect cut. When I needed to bind, I used hole punchers along the .75 in margin to create holes for the thread. After binding it using the 4 hole Japanese binding, my book was finished.


If I were to remake this project, I’d reconsider the cutouts. I think what made it unsuccessful was that it felt flimsy and didn’t communicate well across. I would either recreate the cutouts by making it smaller so the paper would still hold more weight, or use another material such as thicker paper or even clear paper. Another thing was the binding. I over punched my holes which cut into some text and went past the intended margin. Also I would still stick to the Japanese binding but should have used another thread because the one used was too waxy and left residue on the covers.

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  1. mattisd · April 26, 2019 Reply

    Xian Yu, I admire how dedicated and critical of yourself you were throughout this project. You did a great job but I’m happy to read that you know what needs attention if you were to re-address this project. Nice job.

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