Observation 2

Date: June 13th 2018

Time: About 11:00AM

Location: Lab at 6th fl, UC

So today we visited lab to make the water testing experiment. Before this experiment start, staffs in the lab showed us several pages of precautions. We were introduced to different items and the process of this experiment.

I didn’t involve in the experiment because of my germ phobia, but I was observing every steps the assistant lab staff did. First she divided our small group into four, every person has own water with a variable factor. Before we start the testing experiment, she asked us to label our Petri dishes with time and water conditions so we could distinguish them. After we labeled them, we were supposed to wear the gloves in case to avoid bacterias and other harmful things might contain in the water. Then everyone used a dropper to drop some water into the Petri dishes, and mix it well. Then we were asked to leave them for a week and come back to see what happened. After all those steps, gloves have to be put in special trash can and everyone was asked to wash their hand.

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