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ELLA Universe: In 1996 Tom Ford and Mario Testino redefined Gucci

In this advertisement, only a women’s leg and two arms are showed. The men showed his whole body. Men sit on the sofa and look at the women. Both of their’s gesture shows confidently. The man’s facial expression and gesture are telling a story. The women’s top half body and one hand didn’t show. The women stand before the men. The men are looking up at the women’s faces. They seem like having a conversation and flirting. The woman put her hand on her waist. The man put his arm on the sofa. Both of their body gesture is bossy. They didn’t have anybody contact. The women are standing, and she is in a higher position. It symbolizes the women have a higher position and are more initiative in this relationship. The main tone in this poster is red. Red is a sexual and strong color. It adds more emotion and personality to the model. And using the sexual atmosphere in the advertisement is usual. This men expose his chest, and the women wear a short dress. It is using the exposed body to attack the consumer’s attention. “Sex sells. And it is usually women’s bodies that are represented and consumed”(Susan Kaiser, page 129) said by Susan Kaiser. In this case, both the men’s body and women’s body is considered consumed.
For this advertisement, the men’s suit wear is at the center which attracted more people’s attention. In the reading Fashion and Cultural Studies, Susan Kaiser said: “To the extent that fashion as a mode of gender performativity has been imagined as feminine, the idea of “men’s fashion” has been framed as a contradictory space. (Edwards 1991:135)”(Susan Kaiser, page 125). This suit isn’t a business suit. It has a more romantic and fun element in it. It’s an example of more and more attention that is put into men’s fashion.

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