LP Post #4

 As for me, I used to think fashion is a trend and it’s a label that separates people into a different group. The people like same type will own the same tag. For example, the reason why people love fast fashion is that they can spend lease money to follow the trend to be a part of the group. After this semester, my concept started to change, I think fashion isn’t just trending but also about more determine. 

Chasing others cannot make fashion. Only have self-confidence about your own style can make fashion. It reminds me of what Christopher Breward said in aphorisms from his foreword to fashion studies. He said: “it challenges a consumerist understanding of value, where low price and ephemeral modishness trump quality and pleasure.” this sentence impressed me and I want to keep this direction, that quality and meaning is the most important thing for fashion, for the future. The design and good quality can bring people more lasting satisfaction than the price. The low price only can make people happy when they are paying. But the nice quality and design will make customers feel that what they spend is worth it, when every time they see, touch and wear that cloth. For example, I used to buy some cloth from Zara and H&M. However I rarely wear them, most of their destiny is been forget or thrown away. It’s because they are cheap and didn’t have a nice quality. I didn’t need to think twice when I bought it so I didn’t treasure it. I think people all have this type of experience. That those fast fashion cloth easily been abandoned and been forgot. As for me, in the future, I would like to focus more on the quality and the deep meaning of a garment rather than the “trend”.

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