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Integrative Seminar: Word Note

Assignment: Create a word note that gave an interesting look onto the word that you wouldn’t find in a dictionary.


To adonize something is to make it resemble Adonis. Adonis is the god of beauty, youthfulness, and fertility. An Adonis today, is usually a man, who is often thought of as egotistical and vein and is regarded as the “perfect” man. When one adonizes themselves, they are trying to become their best form in an attempt to be comparable to a god. There must be a high level of narcissism involved in this process. By primping and adjusting yourself to that extent must require time, energy, focus, and money, all to become godly. The process is pointless, an adonized object is often garish, gaudy, and overworked.

The use of the word “adonize” in itself is egotistical and unnecessary. Someone who uses “adonize” to describe an action is simply using it to actually enhance their own sentence as a whole. It is so extra that the word is no longer used frequently today.



Reflection: I actually really liked this assignment and I feel like I was able to give a really interesting take on the word with a lot of personality.

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