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IS1 Bridge 2 (Peer-to-Peer) | Partner Profile

In this bridge, we considered how words are raw materials for design and communication. We collaborated with a partner to devise a list of unique, dynamic verbs modeled after Richard Serra’s “Verb List Compilation: Actions to Relate to Oneself.”

– Questions –

  1. What is one thing you miss about seeing your mom every day?
  2. Why do you feel the need to adorn your jacket with pins that represent you who are?
  3. Are you more afraid of hurting someone you love or being hurt by someone you love?
  4. Would you rather be deaf or blind?
  5. When have you felt your biggest adrenaline rush?
  6. Do you think you are living your best life right now?
  7. At what point would you consider yourself a failure?
  8. When was the last time you truly appreciated being in the company of someone?
  9. What makes you nostalgic?
  10. Are you confident in yourself and your work?


Reflection: This project was super interesting because I was able to learn a lot about Aeva but in an unconventional way. The questions were super specific so they allowed me to go in depth with her but I wished I was able to ask her broader questions as well. The essay was simple to write but I wished I had gotten more creative with it in a sense.

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