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IS2: Fashion – Beauty Collection


Objects from left to right:

  1. Balsa wood
  2. White carnations, yellow daisies, and pink roses
  3. Plastic wrapper
  4. Unknown tree bark
  5. Black hot glue
  6. Ripped, textured silver paper
  7. Black sweatshirt fleece fabric
  8. Nude fishnet
  9. Muslin
  10. Imitation copper leaf

My project explores the beauty of textures and their importance to design. I wanted to create a piece that showcased a variety of textures that when put together, highlight the differences in each other and create a tension between the elements. I chose a mixture of man-made and organic textures because I feel that both, especially when together, are very beautiful. I chose to exhibit the textures in a very minimalist and equal way in order to get rid of any pre-conceived notions that the audience might have of the objects. For example, flowers are considered to be inherently beautiful whereas hot glue or a plastic bag are seen as utilitarian and less than. By exhibiting them in an equal manner, the audience can truly appreciate the texture and the nuances of it. I also think the minimalist presentation enhances the intricacies of the textures themselves.

On a personal level, I was fascinated with textures and was very tactile when I was growing up. My mother made it a point to let me touch a variety of different surfaces in order to grow and learn from them. I credit her for my love of texture and feeling simple things that derive pleasure. Texture is such a fundamental part of design and each texture could easily be translated into a garment textile. Its the versatility in the objects that also make them even more beautiful. Each object can be manipulated to enhance any design.

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