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Suzusan – Murase family shibori fabric manipulation study

Instructions / Tutorial:


The Murase family was able to modernize the old tradition of shibori dyeing by switching from natural fibers to polyester and then heating it. By doing this, you are essentially melting the fabric to form the spiked shape over the wooden dowels. In the second video, you see how the women efficiently wrap thread around the wooden dowels and prepare the fabric to either be heated or dyed. This variation of an old technique is truly inspiring and makes me re-think what fabric manipulation is. Manipulation by heat is very interesting because you are molding fabric to whatever shape you would like. And since polyester is synthetic, it is easily manipulated and shaped.


“Real-world” Application:


Raf Simons application of this technique is extremely refined and elegant. The smaller, shallower points allow the manipulation to be more wearable and create an interesting decorative element. Both looks rely heavily on the fascinating nature of the fabric and would be rather simple if it was n0t for the adapted shibori fabric manipulation.

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