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Girl Innovators Week 5

1. What is breakthrough and change-making about these speeches?

11-year-old Naomi Wadler is the perfect representation of the faith I have in the younger generations. Generation Z has had to grow up exponentially faster than previous generations because of the internet and all of the heartbreaking traumas our generation has had to endure. Eloquent, poised, and intentional, Ms. Wadler’s speech broke down boundaries and touched the hearts of everyone watching. It is a shame that at such a young age she has to address such horrible things but she did so in a way that felt authentic and true. I love how she pointed out how critics often think she is simply a pawn being controlled by nameless adults. She tackled that issue head-on and proved that she is capable of her own thoughts and emotions.

Emma Gonzalez’s speech was emotional and uncomfortable and rightfully so. She forced viewers to confront the severity of the situation and be uncomfortable with their emotions. My heart completely broke for her reading the names of the victims. She humanized them, she recognized them, and she mourned them all at once. She reminded us all that this isn’t just a movement or a headline, these actions affected real people and had severe consequences.

2. How does their presence on the public stage expand the definition of ‘Warrior Girl’?

These two girls are strong, bold, unapologetic, but also vulnerable. They stood up there and spoke from the heart and stood up for what they believe in. They allow themselves to become the face of this issue and use their position in society to enact real change. These girls created a space to have conversations and confront what is wrong.

3. What continues to be relevant about these speeches today?

Naomi’s speech remains extremely relevant in today’s social and political climate. She fought for the recognition of black girls and the “stories don’t make the front page of every national newspaper and whose stories don’t lead on the evening news”. In the midst of the BLM movement, these words are still pertinent today… Even if media outlets shift their attention, these heartbreaking stories still matter and Black lives still matter.

4. Choose one photo from this gallery and comment (one sentence): https://wordcitystudio.com/march-for-our-lives-2018

It angers me that while police budgets are always increasing, teachers are faced with financial burden every year. From buying supplies, to now trying to provide adequate safety equipment during the pandemic, teachers should not have to spend money out of their own pockets in order to teach the next generation.

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