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Girl Innovators Week 6

1. What is this mythic significance of the parents consuming food in an unknown place? (Think Persephone in Hades)…

The parents consuming food in an unknown place symbolizes their greed and gluttony which is often looked down upon especially in Asian countries. They are taking from a forbidden place doing what they shouldn’t be doing. This trope is very common; from Adam and Eve to Persephone in Hades, these ideas have been reiterated over time.

2.  How many hybrid creatures exist in this world?  What is their significance? What is significant about the liminal time frame? How many liminal spaces does Chihiro traverse?

There is a vast amount of creatures that exist in this world. They represent this greater world that we can only see a part of. The liminal spaces that Chihiro traverses show her path to maturity and becoming a hero.

3. What is the significance of Chihiro losing her name? What does losing her name symbolize?

Chihiro losing her name represents the loss of her true self and where she came from. It’s a part of her journey.

4. Does this film fit with the Warrior Girls pantheon?

The change we see Chihiro go through fits perfectly in the warrior girl pantheon. She travels through these spaces as she becomes more mature and becomes a great hero.

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