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Girl Innovators: I Am Malala Book Review

1. If you could describe this book in one word what would that be?


2. What does this book reveal about Islam, women, girls and education?

3. What elements of chance are crucial to her story?

4. Unesco estimates over 160 million girls worldwide are not educated due to refugee status, war relocation, poverty and gender preference.  What would the world look like if all girls were educated? What do you think would change?

5. What is your favorite quote from the book? Please explain why.

6. What positive global messages does this book provide, and why does it continue to be relevant?


  1. Johanna Jonas · April 26, 2023 Reply

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  3. Connor Hart · May 24, 2023 Reply

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  4. Connor Hart · May 27, 2023 Reply

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  5. Erlik · July 7, 2023 Reply

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