Max Neuhaus Times Square

Initially when approaching times square to find the installation that had been assigned I was curious to where there would be a installation in the hectic place. Hidden as something seen on a daily basis I was struggling to find it. However once it was found I truly found it amazing. The fact that 50 million people go to times square in a year and so few realize what is under their feet. Its an installation made to be hidden and made to not be obvious. The subtle hum that emerged from the ground below my feet. At first I couldn’t hear it at all, but once made apparent to the hum its all I could hear. The beauty isn’t in the visual aspect of the work but rather the audio as well as meaning behind the work and its unknown presence. I really enjoyed this as it changed my perspective on what an installation can be and how you  can hide something in plain sight. I found myself looking at the people around the site to see if they noticed the hum and what they were doing at the moment to try and see their reaction to the piece. I enjoyed it and felt that it was a new experience for me and pushes the boundaries of what an installation is and what choices you make based on the surrounding environment. The artists choice to make something hidden in a place so extravagant amazes me and it makes me feel like thats something I should take into consideration when I am creating my own artwork.

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