Space and Materiality Final Posting

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After coming to New York, I found myself surrounded by buildings. Cement and concrete were everywhere. Outside, I found very little spaces of comfort. Everything seemed cold and unwelcoming. Even in the park, the grass was sealed off, only providing cold hard benches to rest on. I wanted to create a tangible feeling of comfort within this city. By using rabbit fur and a very versatile sponge, I would create a set of swings for people to lay in and to swing around in. My favorite playground equipment is the swing and I find it extremely relaxing to lay there and feel the rocking and the gentle breeze. I found that New York City is also a very fast paced city. People seemingly don’t have time to walk slowly or to fully take in their surroundings. By creating the installation, I would hope that people could find a comfort zone to relax and destress in.

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