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Dolce & Gabbana (Italian, founded 1985 )

“ANGELICA” ENSEMBLE spring/summer 2016 alta moda

black double wool crepe with gold metal button; black double wool crepe, black silk satin, and black silk grosgrain.most designers the designers also imbue the habit with their signature precision tailoring, stiffening its soft folds, and hardening its delicate lines. in their hands, the veil solidifies into an egg-shaped helmet reminiscent of Pierre Cardin’s space- age fashions.

















10 questions:

  1. Which brands show the space age fashions?
  2. What the black color inspire you?
  3. what the white color inspire you?
  4. What a nun symbolizes in your mind?
  5. What does a sexy cut look like?
  6. Do you know the history of the hat?
  7. Do you know the dress of a nuns
  8. How to define the pagan?
  9. What is the common point of this exhibition?
  10. what the traditional impression of D&G?

10 observation:

  1. Sensual sexuality
  2. A vertical cutting
  3. only black and white
  4. egg- shaped
  5. Not gorgeous detail with extravagant fabric and diamond
  6. Can’t feeling devoid of romantic entanglement.
  7. In my eyes they are more unique than the angles
  8. The dress style as a villain as Volac in movie of The Conjuring
  9. They radiates authority and fear
  10. They are unflawed project.

Simple cutting is not meaningless.This series of costumes is more like custom dress for the devil, they camouflage around us and use huge hat to cover their negative energy. The designers cite the veil and color black and some white when invoking the habit of the Dominican nun. The gold metal buttons on the side of wristband is an significant embellishment. The black silk satin, black double wool crepe and black silk grosgrain inspire me the nun have a cigarette under the gloomy piano melody with a lip of persimmon. Designers in the exhibit played upon the theme of sexuality, the exhibition reminded me of my top one American TV Series – American Horror Story and and the movie The Conjuring. The ghost also has a soul, I like their depressed music melody, dress collection and suppressed shooting style very much.

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